Official Rules For The Shootout

1. Known distance from 3 to 70 yards.

2. 1 arrow per target.

3. Colored rings for 12 and 14 (12 is orange and 14 is white).

4. 3D scoring 14…12…10…8…5…. etc. No NFAA Regulation dots…. Rings will be as they are originally on the target but they will be visually colored different depending on worth.

5. Each shooter will shoot 20 Targets Saturday & 20 Targets Sunday if weather permits.

6. Shooters will randomly be given shoot times (tee times) starting at 9AM Saturday and 9AM Sunday, PST and will be flighted both days.

7. After day 1 at least the top 5 groups will be flighted by the score in which they shot.

8. The top 5 shooters from each of the 3 Pro classes after 40 targets will go to a 5 target shoot off for the final standings.

9. Each shooter that makes the final 5 will carry their total 40 target score over into the shoot off.

10. Bonus ring are the 12 & 14 and are colored.

11. Shooter must call his shot if going for a 14 or upper 12.

12. If 14 is called the shooter cannot score a 10 or 12.

13. Limit 2 cards per shooter, 2 scorers per group, 2 callers per group, max of 4 shooters per group.

14. Shooters are allowed 1 let down per target and each shooter has to fire on 2nd draw. (monitored by group).

15. There will be no reshot arrows . NO MULLIGANS IN PRO CLASSES. Only one arrow, per shooter, per target will be shot from the stake. Anyone shooting the wrong target, or from the wrong stake, will receive a “0” for the target which should have been shot regardless of the actual stake that the shot was made from.

16. The projection of a light or reference point, either directly or by reflection, onto a target is prohibited. This prohibition includes lighted nocks which may be used but which must go dark prior to the next shooter assuming the stake.  Anyone in violation of this prohibition will receive a score of zero for that round.

17. The use of any device or outside agency (including stabilizer bar or prop stick) that allows the mass weight of the bow to be relieved from either arm while shooting is prohibited. Anyone in violation of this rule shall receive a score of zero for each target where the violation occurred.

18. There will be no refunds on entry registration unless TPAE is unable to hold shoot due to bad weather.

19. When calling arrows the bonus rings will be scored by whether or not the arrow is touching the line. Not by the paint of the target. On all other rings the arrow will be scored in or out by the outside of the line on that ring. The arrows will be scored by the integrity of the lines. No pulled or mangled lines will be called in if the arrow would be out, taking the integrity of that line into consideration. I Each group will designate two members of their group as “Scorekeepers” who will record all scores for the group. Three individuals will be designated as “Scorers” but no one will be allowed to score their own arrow. In groups of four the third scorer will be alternated between the scorekeepers for the other scorekeeper’s arrow. If 2 shooters call the arrow in and 2 shooters call the arrow out then the tie will go to the shooter.

20. The completed official colored scorecard must be reviewed and signed as correct by the Scorekeeper and the shooter.

21. The Scorekeepers for each shooting group will turn in the official scorecards for the group together. Shooters assume full responsibility for the accuracy of the information and scores on their cards. Any group that does not turn in their scorecards together before leaving the range will be subject to receiving a score of zero for that round.

22. All arrows must remain in the target until all arrows are scored. The status of any doubtful arrows must be determined before drawing any arrow from the target. The score is based on the status of the arrow while all other arrows remain in the target. Arrows may not be removed until a scoring judgment has been made and no changes may be made to the score after removal of any arrow. Targets may not be moved or dislodged for scoring purposes, and shall be returned to their proper upright position upon removal of the arrows.

23. Target “Pass Through” or “Rebound” without striking another arrow: (1) Arrows passing through the front of, but still in, the target will be pushed back and scored; (2) If the group agrees that an arrow passed through the target’s insert seam the shooter will be given a score based on the point of pass through not to exceed eight (8) points; (3) If the group agrees and confirms that the arrow actually passed through the target due to the high number of arrows that had been shot at the target, the range official is to be notified and the shooter will be allowed to take the score where the “pass-through” occurred as determined by the group up to a maximum score of 10 points, or (4) If the group agrees that the arrow rebounded out of the target, or deflected off of a plastic leg, without striking another arrow the shooter will be allowed to take the score where the rebound occurred up to a maximum of ten (10) points. Special Note: A score of 12 will not be permitted under sections 2, 3 or 4 of this rule.

24. Any arrow embedded (“Robin Hood”) in the nock of another arrow will be scored the same as the arrow it is embedded in. Also, any arrow rebounded off another Arrow (a “Robin Hood” that strikes and damages another arrow and does not proceed toward the target, but bounces back) will be scored the same as the arrow it struck, provided the damaged arrow can be identified. Any arrow deflected by contact with another arrow already in the target and still proceeding toward the target will be scored as the greater of: (1) where it lies in the target; or (2) a maximum of five (5) points if it is not in the target.

25. It is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to pre-register via the TPAE website in order to have Saturday flights set. Competitive Archers who choose to register on the day of the event will be flighted with other shooters as groups are made and will flight at the end of the flight roster. He or she once present at tournament site must proceed to TPAE card pickup to receive their shoot times and score cards. Each shooter is responsible for having their scorecard with them, and shooting at the time, and range designated unless instructed otherwise by a tournament official.  Failure to have your scorecard, failure to shoot your designated time, or shooting the incorrect range for your designated class will result in a score of zero for that day. Each shooter must be present at Target #1 15 minutes prior to their assigned shoot time to assist in an on-time schedule.

26. No shooter will compete while under the influence of alcohol or any other controlled substance(s) under penalty of disqualification. Each shooter will refrain from alcoholic beverages until after they have completed that days round.

27. Littering on the tournament grounds will not be tolerated.  Anyone littering will be subject to disqualification from the tournament, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

28. No one may practice on any target to be used for tournament shooting.  Anyone shooting in non-designated areas, including parking areas, will be subject to disqualification.

29. After the flighted scoring round is complete, archers can return to any of the courses for practice and fun shooting.

30. A shooter MAY NOT change the class in which he/she shoots after they get on the gondola to start competition. It is the ARCHERS responsibility to sign up for the correct class. NO EXCEPTIONS. Class descriptions can be found on our website and will be posted at registration. 

Acknowledgments - Release & Waiver

As a participant in the TPS, all shooters and spectators (hereinafter referred to as Releasor) acknowledge they are VOLUNTARILY participating or attending.  Releasor should be aware that an archery tournament creates the risk of serious personal injury or death.  By participating, they realize they may experience loss or damage to personal property.  Releasors assume all risk of injury, death, and loss of personal property that may result from their participation in these archery tournaments.  By registering to participate and thereby agreeing to abide by the rules herein, Releasor releases and discharges Top Pin Archery Events , tournament sponsors, host organizations, property owners, and the tournament staff and volunteers (herein collectively referred to as “Releasees”) from liabilities or injuries, damages, or other loss sustained by the shooter as a result of negligence or strict liability of the released parties.

Liability Release: Releasor, being of lawful age, (or, in the case of a minor, through his/her parent or guardian) in consideration of being permitted to participate in various shooting disciplines and activities, either as a member or guest, do for themselves, their spouse, legal representatives, heirs, assigns and subrogors, hereby release, waive and forever discharge Releasees from any and all liability for any and all losses and damages of any type or kind, and from any and all claims, suits, demands, actions or rights of actions, of whatever kind, either in law or equity, arising from or by reason of death, personal injury known or unknown, or property damage resulting from any incident which may occur during Releasor’s presence at the Facility, and/or participation in any activity, whether caused in whole or in part by the Releasees or any other person or thing at the host while Releasor is present.  Releasor, and his/her parent or guardian in the event Releasor is a minor, agree to fully indemnify, defend and hold Releasees harmless for all Releasor’s actions or omissions while at the host.  There is no limit to this indemnity. Releasor assumes full responsibility for the risk of bodily injury, death or property damage due to the negligence of the Releasees or any other third party or thing while at the Releasees Facility, and while competing, officiating, working, spectating, or for any purpose at the Releasees Facility. Releasor fully and completely releases the Releasees and any of its related parties or and from all liability to Releasor and to anyone or any entity claiming by, through or under Releasor, by subrogation or otherwise, it being Releasor’s intent to fully waive and release all subrogation rights. Releasor agrees that this Release Agreement is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by law and that if any portion hereof is held invalid, the balance hereof will continue in full force and effect. Releasor agrees that this release constitutes the entire agreement between Releasor and Releasees and the terms of this release are contractual and not a mere recital, and the same shall continue in full force and be applicable to any and all activities Releasor attends while at the Releasees facility. Releasor has carefully read this release and understands all of its terms. Releasor accepts the same voluntarily and with full knowledge of its content and significance as a condition of competing.

Legal Disclaimer

Participant Agreement: Top Pin Archery Events are sanctioned sporting events governed by rules. The TPS Tournament Director shall settle all disputes, and all decisions will be final and without legal appeal. TPAE reserves the right to restrict or deny entry into any event by any individual.

Photo Release: By registering to participate in an TPAE Tournament, shooters acknowledge and agree that photographs or videotape of them may be taken while participating in TPAE Tournaments and/or tournament related activities. Shooters further agree that the Tournament Director, Sponsors, or the Press without royalties or prior consent to help promote TPAE and the sport of archery may use photographs and videotape. This is not a release for specific product endorsements without the shooter’s prior consent.