Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the course marked yardage?

Q. How far is your longest shot?
70 yards for Men's Pro & Men's Open.

Q. What Class do I shoot?
Refer to Class Description button on bottom of event page.

Q. How long is the course?
Will vary in distance.

Q. Is there money dot?
No, but there are raffle dot targets.

Q. Is it a 1-day or 2-day shoot?
Both, but to be eligible for awards you must shoot 2 days.

Q. Can I shoot with my kids and still shoot for a trophy?

Q. Is it a flighted shoot?
Yes, only for 2 day competitive shooters.

Q. What time is registration?
Online registration is encouraged.
Live registration will open Friday @ 5pm, Saturday @ 6am, and Sunday @6am.

Q. What time does the course open?
The courses open for the first flights at 8am and non-competitive shooters at 8am
(subject to change depending on number of flights)

Q. Is there a family price?

Q. What time do flighted shooter have to arrive?

Q. What time is the shooter meeting?

Q. Is there same day registration?
Yes. Shooters who sign up Saturday morning will be flighted at the end of the flighting list.

Q. Is there online registration?

Q. Are there refunds?

Q. Is there concession?

Q. Is there Lodging?

Q. Is there on-site camping?


Q. What payment methods are accepted?
All major credit cards & cash. (No checks)

Q. What are the classes?
Refer to Class Description button on event page.

Q. Is there youth payout?

Q. Is there a pro class?

Q. Are rangefinders allowed?

Q. Are pets allowed on course?
No pets allowed.

Q. Do spectators need to purchase a gondola lift ticket?

Q. How much are lift tickets?
Spectator lift tickets are $15/day.