Top Pin Team Challenge

Team Classes


     Men's (18+)

     Women's (18+)

     Masters (50+)

     Co-Ed (1 Female &1 Male Shooter)

PRO TEAM: To be eligible for the PRO Team division, you must shoot individual as a PRO!




Class determined by youngest shooter on team as of 7/10/2020.

Team Challenge Rules

Maximum of 2 shooters per team, Minimum of 2 shooters per team.
Team competitors are still eligible for individual awards.
Team class is determined by the youngest shooter on the team.
Teams MUST register as individual competitors to sign up as a team as well as be shooting in the same division. If a shooter is signed up in the Pro class individually, he/she must shoot Pro Team and their teammate MUST shoot Pro Individual and Pro Team as well. NO Amateur Individuals shooting on Pro Team. No question, period, end of story! 

85% entry fee payback to top 3 teams per Team Class 
Teammates will be flighted together as well as with another team in their respected division if possible.

Team scoring will be a "best shot" format. Teams will use the best score from each target for their team score.

Teams may consist of any style and/or combination of equipment.

Any questions regarding the Team Challenge can be directed to