Compete to Compete

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There are many people that scour the internet looking for the latest and greatest equipment or gadget to give them a leg up on the competition. What a lot of people neglect to consider is what I feel is the most important tool of all, experience. What I mean by this is to not only try and surpass your competition with superior equipment, but also get away from just practicing by yourself in the backyard. Sign up for some tournaments, whether it be 3D, Field or Indoor.

Let’s say you are wanting to compete at the NFAA Indoor World Championships is Las Vegas. You have been practicing so much that you can shoot 300’s in your sleep, but you have yet to toe the line in a formal competition. A competition where you stand on a line with 100 strangers mere inches apart with the shot clock ticking down. As much as you think you have ice in your veins, situations like this can derail months of practice if you don’t know how to handle them. The only way to learn to manage the nerves of competition is to, well, compete. Expose yourself to pressure-packed situations and they will become easier to manage.

When you are setting your goals for the upcoming season and you pick what will be your “A” priority event, schedule “B” priority as well as “C” priority events. If your “A” priority event is the World Championships in Vegas, then a “B” priority could be a State indoor 3-spot tournament and a “C” priority event could be a local indoor league. These “B” and “C” priority events are a great place for you to not only hone your skills shooting under pressure, but also learn the rules, procedures and etiquette of the format you are shooting.

All of this will help alleviate some of the anxiety you might otherwise experience due to being in an unfamiliar situation.

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